Thursday, October 13, 2016

Page size calculation formula

Commit charge:
1. Run Performance Monitor (Perfmon)
2. Go to Data Collector Sets\User Defined
3. Right click on User Defined and select New
4. Select Create Manually and next
4. Check Performance counter
5. Add the following counters:
            Memory\Committed Bytes – Committed Bytes is the amount of committed virtual memory, in bytes.
            Memory\Committed Limit – Amount of virtual memory that can be committed without having to extend the paging file
            Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use – Ratio of Memory\Committed Bytes to the Memory\Commit Limit

Make sure you collect the information over a long period (one week at least), and the server is running at peak usage.

The page file size formula should be:

(Max value of Committed Bytes + additional 20% buffer to accommodate any workload bursts)-RAM size

For example: If the server has 24 GB RAM and the maximum of Committed Bytes is 26 GB, then the recommended page file will be: (26*1.2)-24)  = 7.2 GB
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