Friday, August 01, 2008

Date in Task Bar

Got this from Windows XP site. Worth re-post

To display the date as well as the time, you need to make the taskbar "taller" by dragging the top edge upward. This procedure is fairly simple but it does require reasonably precise mouse handling. If you are new to computing and still developing your mouse-skills, expanding the taskbar, or returning it to the default height, may prove to be a little problematical. If you are not yet confident with fiddly mouse manipulation, I would suggest that you postpone using this tip until you gain more mousing experience.

Here's how to expand the taskbar:

The taskbar needs to be "unlocked" before you can expand it. To check, right-click the taskbar and ensure that "Lock the Taskbar" is not ticked. If there is a tick, click "Lock the Taskbar" to untick it.

Close any running programs so that the taskbar is uncluttered and easier to manipulate.

Move your mouse to the top edge of the taskbar until the cursor turns into a doubled-ended arrow.

With the doubled-ended arrow displayed, hold down the left mouse button and drag the taskbar upward until it is about twice the normal height.

The day and date should now be displayed below the Notification Area clock.

If desired, you can now re-lock the taskbar.
The expanded taskbar not only permanently displays the day and date, it also provides extra display space for taskbar and notification area icons. Of course, the downside of an expanded taskbar is that you have less screen display area for programs and files.

To return the taskbar to its original height, follow the procedure outlined above but reverse the drag direction specified in step 4. That is, with the doubled-ended arrow displayed, hold down the left mouse button and drag the taskbar towards the bottom of the screen until it is the normal height.