Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leading a Development Team

New idea for a Development Team lead.

Depending on the scope of the technical requirements, it is the job of the team lead to review all documentation. PERIOD. From the technical specs the DEV LEAD develops the HLD/LLD specs, make estimates on the Business Analysis for each HLD/LLD.

Next, grant the developer the proper time to analyze the HLD/LLD requirements written by the tech lead. Tech Lead should read the HLD/LLD to ensure they are complete and time the review time and add 1 hour to allow developer the time needed to read the documentation and allow time the developer to ask questions to close gaps on missing requirements.

Once the business and the tech lead sort out these issues a developer should not code until all gaps are filled.

If you do, you will be doing rework on the project, thus costing time which as we all know == MONEY.