Thursday, June 04, 2015

Time Span Check for Store Hours to show... Using a .NET Literal Control

I have done this countless times, but senior moments are happening.

Const timeHourOpen As Integer = 8
Const timeHourClosed As Integer = 16 'Set one hour less because at 5:00 the store will close

If (timeHourOpen <= DateTime.Now.Hour AndAlso DateTime.Now.Hour <= timeHourClosed) Then
   'Account for greater than 17 hundred hours aka 17:01
                            callCenterOpen.Visible = True
                            callCenterOpen.Visible = False
                        End If

That is all for today....

Now I will always refer back to the My Blog to review...

I like how the conditional logic is written

LowerBound <= Value <= Upper Bound

AndAlso for short circuiting

Till Next Post.
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