Thursday, July 18, 2013

DOS or CMD paging content

Type you command and add


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Displays one screen of output at a time.


command | more [/c] [/p] [/s] [/tn] [+n]
more [[/c] [/p] [/s] [/tn] [+n]] < [Drive:] [PathFileName
more [/c] [/p] [/s] [/tn] [+n] [files]


[ Drive : ] [ Path FileName   Specifies the file to display.
command   Specifies a command for which you want to display the output.
/c   Clears screen before displaying page.
/p   Expands form-feed characters.
/s   Changes multiple blank lines to one blank line.
/t n   Changes tabs to the number of spaces specified by n.
+ n   Displays first file beginning at the line specified by n.
files   Specifies list of files to display. Separate file names with a space.
/?   Displays help at the command prompt.

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