Thursday, September 15, 2005


Don't forget spcontnt is your key for 'web part' error resolution

Submitted By: Riwut Libinuko, Plasmedia
Posted On: 1/13/2005

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Eventough webpart is very powerfull, but debuging web part is painfull. For example, you forget to put try-catch block in your code - and one day you get error without any clue to edit. Or imagine, you're creating on-the-fly graph web part, and send wrong HTML header to the page. Causing Sharepoint page shows image only and no interface to access.

What should we do ?

Remember that Sharepoint has spcontnt.aspx - an interface to edit web farm content,


Change [YOURSITES] to url of your site, and [FULLYENCODED_WEBFARMPAGE] to url to your web farm.aspx page.

Then, close the offending web part.
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